Awards, Bursaries & Scholarships

The Hédi Bouraoui Scholarship in Canada-Maghreb Research

This award is offered in honour of Hédi Bouraoui, a distinguished York University faculty member. It is intended to encourage research into the Maghreb, an area of North Africa that includes Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia - three Arabic and Berber-speaking countries that also use French extensively but as a second and non-official language. The scholarship is awarded to the student who presents the best research proposal or the best piece of academic work in an area related to Maghreb studies.

Cette bourse est offerte en l'honneur d'Hédi Bouraoui, éminent professeur de l'Université York. Elle vise à encourager la recherche sur le Maghreb, région d'Afrique du Nord incluant le Maroc, l'Algérie et la Tunisie, trois pays arabophones et berbèrophones où l'on fait un usage fréquent du français mais comme langue seconde et non officielle.

Cette bourse est attribuée à l'étudiant(e) qui aura rédigé la meilleure proposition de projet de recherche ou la meilleure étude centrée sur un sujet relié au études maghrébines.

Esiri Dafiewhare Annual Scholarship

This scholarship of $250 is to be awarded annually to a returning undergraduate student who has attained the highest cumulative grade point average in three courses completed toward an Honours Double Major in African Studies. In the event of a tie, the successful candidates will share the amount of $250.

Stevenson Scholarship in African Studies

An annual award of $1,200.00.

This bursary is for first-year or continuing undergraduate or graduate students pursuing an interest in African Studies at York University. Undergraduates would be expected to major in an Interdisciplinary Program in African Studies. Graduate students would be expected to pursue research in some area of African Studies. Qualified students should show strong academic qualifications as well as financial need.

Criteria and selection process to be determined by the Office of Student Financial Services